Sunday, June 23, 2013

One Pot Mince & Pasta Bake

This is how easy it is to cook with Chef's Toolbox equipment. Here is a mince and pasta bake that I did the other night, step by step:

Prepare the Vegies you and and Chop (for disguising purposes, I chopped mine finely):

Brown the mince:
 Then add the vegies and cook for a bit:
Next add some tomatoes and any other flavouring you like, let this cook (simmer) for maybe 20mins:
 Add some cooked pasta, and stir it in:
 Sprinkle with cheese, and put straight in the oven:
 And here's your wonderful meal!

Best thing is that you have only used one pot for the pasta, and the saute pan. Clean up is a cinch with the non-stick surface (guaranteed for 10yrs too!). Usually for this type of meal you would be using the pot for the pasta, a frying pan for the mince and sauce, and a casserole dish that takes forever to clean because the cheese has stuck to the side!

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