Friday, March 19, 2010

Kids Overalls - trial of McCalls pattern 4518

I found this lovely pattern the other day at the Salvos. Not only was it complete, but it was even un-cut, and for only $1 an absolute bargain! Lilly helped choose the fabric. I thought this might increase the likeliness of her wearing them...I'm not holding my breath though...

I think this would look so gorgeous in a stripe, or with contrasting fabrics. Not totally won on the overalls idea though....I want to see how practical they are.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Wrap around skirt trial

I've been working on a wrap around skirt (for adults). Very simple design - no darts, no hole to thread the tie through, and the panel is loose.

New style handbag

Here is my new style handbag I made the other day. I trialled it today - so you can see what it fits: spare nappy, drink bottle, keys, wallet, phone, shopping bag, notepad, hat (we went to to caravan and camping show, so I needed a hat!), and still plenty of room for other things!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Mexican day

Another belated post...

Unfortunately Mexican day was a bit wet, so the venue had to be changed from Lake Lyle to Boy's shed - but that did not dampen the fun! Ingredients for a Mexican day are:
CHILLING BY THE WATER (pretend here):
Some Wii:
And a PINATA... First the blindfold...
...then the spin 3 times with the head on the stick...
... then the hit!
Of course there were fajitas and a few alcoholic beverages consumed too...

Christmas Time at the Stuarts

The biggest hit of Christmas day must have been Seth's present - a set of drums. I guess you could say that Lilly quite liked her tiara too!

Some activities for the day:

Then there was Mexican day:
The many faces of Seth...

Coledale Twilight markets

I'm catching up on some posts - this is quite a belated post... the Coledale Twilight markets on 23rd December 2009. For Leftlegdesigns it was quite disappointing. I later found that there were a few people selling imported kids clothes from Bali - I can't really compete with that, so I am having a break from the markets for a bit.
But the day was lovely and got to catch up with friends. Lilly got her face painted for the first time - she LOVED it! She ran / crawled around all evening going "RAAA"!