Monday, September 20, 2010

Lilly's weekend: trampoline & dinosaurs

Most of the weekend was spent jumping on the new trampoline. But we also spend a bit of time looking for dinosaurs in the jungle with the binoculars. (Typical 3yo, can't tell her she's got them the wrong way around!)

Boys Waistcoat & Hat from Ottobre 3/2010 magazine

I bought the Ottobre 3/2010 magazine and loved this little waistcoat. I thought it looked a little short in the magazine photos so I added about an inch to the length ... glad I did! Seth is a little shorter than Lilly, and I measured her at 97cm, so I made the 98cm waistcoat. I've never made patterns from Ottobre before and don't know how well their fit is, so I was quite surprised at how snug this was on Seth. The tie at the back had to be undone to fit, and I wouldn't call Seth a 'big boy'. The hat on the other hand: I made the largest size it came in, and it fit perfectly! (We all know he has a big head!)

**Edit: Sorry I made a mistake - it was Ottobre 3/2010 (Summer), not 6/2010! **

Monday, September 6, 2010

New hat for El-Hannah - Girly cowboy style

Happy Birthday to El-Hannah!
When we see her tomorrow she gets this lovely new hat...hope she likes it! (Lilly assured me that here favourite colour was purple!)


The fabric flower has a snap on the back so it can be clipped to the side of the hat. Both sides of the hat can also be clipped up - cowboy style, or single side only. There is an extra snap on the left side so that the flower can be snapped to the clipped up side. Lots of choices, but only 1 hat!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Free Swim Bag Tutorial - recycled jeans

Have an old pair of jeans you want to recycle? Maybe a belt too? Got a young kid that swims? This is the perfect sewing project for you! All the outside pockets are useable, including the fly!

I have a pdf of the tutorial, please download it through mediafire (I'm new at this file hosting thing, so if there are any problems, please let me know!).

Friday, September 3, 2010

Personalised buntings (name flags)

I made a few buntings last week for birthday presents. Pale yellow flags, with bright pink letters, then hand stamped with pink butterflies, and finished with a satin ribbon. I've noticed that a lot of the bunting flags sold on the internet only have 20" of ribbon for tying (about 50cm). But I left 60" on these. Hardest thing was trying to photograph these! This was the best one of the lot. Really like how the rounded flags turned out - thought these would look a bit more femine than the triangular flags.