Friday, January 21, 2011

Our New Family Member!

 Well here is my excuse for not much posting lately:

This is our lovely son Troy. He was 3.5kg/7ld 10oz, quite a bit lighter than Lilly (4.2kg/9ld 4oz), yet they were about the same length (around 54cm)! (I'm glad I have kids with small heads too.)
It's amazing that after going into early labour at 27 weeks (told not to exercise, and take it easy for the rest of the pregnancy), then thought we were going into labour again at 35 weeks, we ended up having to be induced a week after my due date!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Crocheted Video & Cassette Tape

For the ICAN collaborate exhibition at "Project" I experimented with video and cassette tape. These 3D forms were all free form crocheted. I was quite impressed at how well the forms held their shape, especially with the smaller hook size and using the smaller crochet stitches.

Wearable Art - Viva La Gong 2010

I recently participated in a wearable art exhibition. This was my first time I've tried this, and was quite happy with my entry:

The theme of the show was "Stories of Ocean and Earth". I hope you can see where I was coming from with my entry. My first step was the felting of the rocks (left). I felted about 25 in all, and used nearly all of them. Each one is different. They are all hollow, and I used about 6 different templates for the felting.

I really liked how the rocks turned out. In fact I am thinking of using these rocks on a canvas, or just lying around on a shelf! I might even try and make some huge ones, and stuff with a cushion insert.