Sunday, September 14, 2014

I Mater cake!!

It was my nephews birthday party today, and I heard he wanted a Tow Mater cake - so last night I made one for him. My research starter really bad - my skill levels are no-where near a 3D, fondant covered, accurate model of a tow truck! And I couldn't seem to find any 'flat' cakes. But I did find this mater cookie on pinterest that I used as my inspiration:
Tow Mater Cookie

I'm pretty happy with my first solo cake! So here are my steps (photos only) for anyone else who wants to copy.

I used a double quantity of a 'standard' cake size, and cooked it in my Chefs Toolbox Saute Pan which has a 28cm diameter.

Made a template, and 'stuck' it to the cake with toothpicks. I changed the shape a little so I didn't waste too much cake - there was hardly any left over/wasted.

Cut out the cake. (Ate some of the off cuts, lucky I left some though - notice something missing?):

Iced it with butter cream (chocolate), mixed a small amount of the chocolate icing with a bit of blue colouring gel and used that for rust/dirt:

Used fondant (from Aldi) for most of the details. The tyres were covered in black, some outlining and the mouth in black, and then the eyes/windshield and teeth in white. It looked like something was missing, so I added the wing mirrors, and some chocolate fingers for more detail.

Glad this wasn't a pinfail!
It was a hit at the party. I'm racking up those 'best aunty' points!!