Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fabric Doll House

During one of my internet surfing sessions I came across this fabric doll house tutorial by "UK lass in US". Of course I can never do something exactly as someone else ... so here I have used an industrial felt (not sure exactly what you call it, but this is what it feels like) for the internal stiffener (the same that I use for my zippered handbags). This little house was given to Isla Rose who did seem to really appreciate it! (Thanks Isla's mum & dad for the lend of your trailer!).

The last photo is of Lilly modeling the doll house before we gave it to Isla.

Crochet Brooch Series

Here are the first dozen brooches ready to hang at the ICAN@7 gallery at the Repoint Artist Complex in Port Kembla. There are a mix of crochet cotton, acrylic & woollen yarn, old and new buttons & beads, some with a fine wire crocheted around the edge to give more structure. Each one has a brooch back (most are a 25mm back). To hang at the gallery I have mounted on fabric covered balsa wood squares (3" and 4" squares).

Monday, July 4, 2011

Crochet Coral / Rockpools

Finally finished my first crochet coral project. The finished project is very different from what I started out with in my head...and changed many times along the way! My project ended up as rockpools:

One thing I have learnt is that this really does take a long time to do! Making up heaps of tiny little things, weaving in ends, stitching them together. Then you gathering them all up and there seems to be only a fraction of what you imagined there would be (for the time spent!). But I do think it is worth it, and I am still going to do one more project like this.