Thursday, June 9, 2011

Different Textures Crochet Necklace

You're all going to think I have gone crochet mad if I do a post on all my recent crochet items! This one is made up of 5 long loops, each a little different (photos below).
Can be worn as shown left (wrapped 3 times), or as shown below (wrapped twice).


Here are the photos of the individual loops:


The first 3 are from Milford Satid 2 Ply, 4th is AIDA size 20 Crochet cotton, and the last is 8 ply acrylic yarn. Most done with the "correct" size crochet hook (or close enough), but the 3rd is actually using an oversize hook for this size of yarn. The last 3 are just play chain stitch. The first is a chain stitch with 6-7 chains are looped back on themselves every 12-15 stitches The second is a foundation row of just chains, the chaining back and joining back to the foundation every 5th stitch with a DC. I wore this today to test it out and was quite surprised how much warmth it actually added! (I needed it today too!) And it's so light you forget your even wearing it!
I think if I make this again I would choose a colour, and use slightly different tones or hues.
Also, most loops are around 54" long, with the first one pictured (above) is longer at about 60". Next time I would make them all at least 60" (152cm) long as a minimum.
If you make this I would love to know!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Crochet necklace

One day while surfing on the internet (do they still use that term, or am I showing my age?), I stumbled across this free pattern for a crochet necklace at creativeyarn. I think it might have been this blog that got me started on yarn & textile jewellery (my current obsession).
Here is my attempt:

Quite happy with the result. Although it really does need a little press to take the 'wiggle' out of it. I think I also made the long strand a little too long. I used 3 different yarns which I really do like. Also love the way the flower/button turned out (will used that in other projects for sure!). Only drawback is that while wearing, the flower does tend to fall to the middle.

Free Tutorial - 7 string crochet necklace

This is a very easy crochet pattern - great for any beginner, but also nice for an experienced crocheter (is that word?). You can add your own personal touch with the length you make it, the number of strands, the type of yarn you use, or you may even add some beads!

I used a size 20 crochet cotton (a tight 3 ply, not a 'soft'), and a 1.5mm hook for the above.
Could use anything you liked, this is not an exact pattern. I like the finer look, but a really chunky yarn could work just as well for winter!

How To:
1st strand: Chain as many stitches as required to go around your neck (my examples was about 160st, around 15.5", or 40cm).
1st turn: Slip stitch in the second chain from the hook. Continue slip stitching in next stitches for about 3/4", or 2cm (for the example above that was about 10 stitches).
2nd strand: Continue with a long chain that is just a bit shorter (say 1/4" or 0.5cm) than your first chain length (for me that was 145-150 chains).
Join end of strand 2 to beginning of strand 1: Find the 10th chain from the beginning of your original length (or how many you slip stitched at the turn), and join with a slip stitch. Slip stitch to the end. You should now have 2 strands joined together at both ends, with the first strand being slightly shorter than the last strand.
Additional strands: Turn work around, chain 1, slip stitch into 2nd stitch. Continue slip stitching along the joint section. Chain the next strand a little longer than the previous strand (by 1/4-1/2", or 0.5-1.5cm). Join strand to previous by slip stitching the last 3/4" or 2cm as done previously. Be careful to not get the strand twisted around each other before joining. It doesn't matter if the strand you just made is twisted before joining, it only matters if the strands are twisted around themselves before joining.
Finishing: You should have an uneven number of strands (5, 7, 9 etc.), which gives a loose yarn end to finish off at both ends. At one end, use this yarn end to sew on your button for the closure. At the other end, chain enough chains to go over the botton, and join by slip stitching back to the beginning (see photo above). Use a needle to sew in this loose end, and you're done! If it looks a bit 'wrinkly', give it a quick press with the iron.

Extra Tips
  • If you want a really fine tight look, use a smaller hook than suggested for the yarn you use, or pull each chain tight as you crochet.
  • Try some variations: different yarn, length, number of strands; add some beads (thread them onto the yarn before you start crocheting)
  • When pressing: use a pin, or some tape, to anchor one end as the pull the strands slightly to press them straight; then anchor the other end a repeat.

Feel free to link to this free tutorial, but do not use my photos without any acknowledgment. You can use this pattern for making items for yourself, or to sell, but please don't try and sell this pattern! Most of all have fun creating!