Saturday, October 31, 2009

button up shirt to dress reconstruction

The starting shirt was a girls size 8 long sleeve shirt - apart from a few marks on the sleeves, in good condition. I used the full width of the shirt to make this girls dress/top. Having the shoulder ties it should last a few seasons. A short dress about a size 2, or a tunic top size 3, maybe even up to a size 4! (The only restricting thing is the chest size.) The button up back makes dressing easy. I added the simple applique to make it something unique!

I am hopefully going to be teaching some reconstruction classes next year at the community college - I think I am going to use this style in my classes a lot!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Birds for Minna

These birds are made from a pattern by Spool ( - Click on the 'bird pattern' under Free Patterns). Here's the view from the front, and one from underneath:

Some close-ups of the birds:

The hardest thing was attaching them to the branch!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dress from a pillow case

From the Salvos I found the following fabrics: an off white pillow case with gold flowers, and a length of fabric (blue with black & white print).
Together with a basic A-line dress pattern I use for Lilly I created this:

Yes they are action shots, as we had to do a lot of spinning with our new dress! It's a very hot day here, so the dress is a hit. I like using reclamed fabrics (such as good quality linen) - it has been washed so many times in the past that it is so soft, and it has done all it's shrinking, and I do love the prints.
The body is cut straight, so to give shaping there are gathers at the base of the ties over the shoulders. The ties also give more growing time in the dress. And to give some more balance I added the ruffle on the bottom (apparently Lilly really likes this bit!). There is also a little button at the back. Would anyone like a tutorial on how to create this pattern?

Ceramic Mushrooms from Kiama Markets

On the weekend we checked out Kiama markets. This is what I came back with:

One day I think my little chicken will love a fairy garden...these will be the perfect starter!
These are hand made by a couple who call themselves "Lakelands Ceramics" (I think I've got that right). The husband makes the mushrooms from moulds he has created himself, and his wife decorates them. I believe it is quite difficult to get a bright red glaze, so this is painted (along with the dots), and I love the overall look!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Expanding zip bag

This bag was inspired by a friends bag she had, originally from Japan. The bag had no label, so we don't know who made it but I loved the idea. The closed bag is a nice small size - great for wallet, keys, phone, and a few other bits and pieces. When you undo to zip it becomes a bigger bag - great for carrying those wonderful finds at the weekend markets! (I do love a good market.)

Here are some more photos:
back of the closed bag; back of the open back;

vintage buckle on front; inside of closed bag

I'm hoping to give it a test run tomorrow at the Kiama markets.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Scarborough Public School Art & Craft Exhibition

A little while ago my mum & joined forces for one of the Coledale markets (held 4th Sunday of the month). We were approached by two people (at different times) to apply for hte Scarborough Public School Art & Craft Exhibition - their fund raiser for the year. So we both gave them our details.
This evening I delivered mine & my mums stuff to the exhibition at the public school. This is what I sent.
We have hats, hats, and more hats:

LEFT: Stripe hats: baby sizes (left), toddler size (middle), child size (right), baby pack (centre)
RIGHT: baby hats: bottom left & bottom centre, toddler hats top left, child hats right
Some bunting flags:

(Right shows detail photo of bottom flag set from left - all hand cut and appliqued)

And we have tooth monsters and handbags:

The opening night is this Friday (16th October), and the Exhibition is open until Sunday 18th October (check out their website:

Monday, October 5, 2009

October long wet weekend camping

We went camping for the October long weekend. We had planned to be there for 5 days, but cut it short because of the rain. I'm glad I found the time before we went to make a prototype gutter for the gazebos:

I have a few ideas for improvements - and I think a few orders for when they are done! We found it was also quite handy for catching rain water for the washing up.
During a dry(ish) moment the kids were kicking/throwing a ball. This is Seth, Lilly's cousin, he gets very excited playing with balls (the amount of fun is directly proportional to the amount of drool)! Thanks Aunty P for acting as fire guardian...

Welcome Lockyer!

Lilly has a new cousin! Lockyer was born on 30th September at a very healthy 3.5kg. We went for a drive to visit him today and managed to get a photo of him checking out the world outside.

I made him some flags to decorate his bedroom walls with. I bought these retro styled quilting fabrics ages ago for a project that never even got started. This is a far better use rather than sitting in a box!