Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dress from a pillow case

From the Salvos I found the following fabrics: an off white pillow case with gold flowers, and a length of fabric (blue with black & white print).
Together with a basic A-line dress pattern I use for Lilly I created this:

Yes they are action shots, as we had to do a lot of spinning with our new dress! It's a very hot day here, so the dress is a hit. I like using reclamed fabrics (such as good quality linen) - it has been washed so many times in the past that it is so soft, and it has done all it's shrinking, and I do love the prints.
The body is cut straight, so to give shaping there are gathers at the base of the ties over the shoulders. The ties also give more growing time in the dress. And to give some more balance I added the ruffle on the bottom (apparently Lilly really likes this bit!). There is also a little button at the back. Would anyone like a tutorial on how to create this pattern?

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