Friday, August 20, 2010

Skirts added to Madeit

I have been working on this new skirt pattern, and these are the finished product. These are all made from thrifted fabrics, so they will be quite unique. The back of the skirt is the same as the front panel, and there are pockets in the side panels. Here are some details of the pockets:

There is some elastic creating a gather along the top edge of the pocket.
And here was one of my first trial skirts on Lilly:

She was about a size 2 then and it still fits her as she grows into a size 3. I think we will get next winter out of it, and maybe even another summer (size 4), depending on her waist.

I have some more skirts cut out, and I am going to try and put adjustable (buttonhole) elastic in them. That will definately increase the wearable period!

I am also planning on making up a PDF version of the skirt pattern to sell. Anyone interested in giving it a go as a trial?

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