Monday, September 20, 2010

Boys Waistcoat & Hat from Ottobre 3/2010 magazine

I bought the Ottobre 3/2010 magazine and loved this little waistcoat. I thought it looked a little short in the magazine photos so I added about an inch to the length ... glad I did! Seth is a little shorter than Lilly, and I measured her at 97cm, so I made the 98cm waistcoat. I've never made patterns from Ottobre before and don't know how well their fit is, so I was quite surprised at how snug this was on Seth. The tie at the back had to be undone to fit, and I wouldn't call Seth a 'big boy'. The hat on the other hand: I made the largest size it came in, and it fit perfectly! (We all know he has a big head!)

**Edit: Sorry I made a mistake - it was Ottobre 3/2010 (Summer), not 6/2010! **


  1. Hi there, I was wondering whether you could help me find this pattern -- I've looked at the 6-2010 issue but did find the waistcoat. Thanks!

  2. Sorry Carmen, I must have made a mistake! It was the Ottobre Summer 3/2010 (Item #22, page 14-15, and page 36 for instructions).