Thursday, June 9, 2011

Different Textures Crochet Necklace

You're all going to think I have gone crochet mad if I do a post on all my recent crochet items! This one is made up of 5 long loops, each a little different (photos below).
Can be worn as shown left (wrapped 3 times), or as shown below (wrapped twice).


Here are the photos of the individual loops:


The first 3 are from Milford Satid 2 Ply, 4th is AIDA size 20 Crochet cotton, and the last is 8 ply acrylic yarn. Most done with the "correct" size crochet hook (or close enough), but the 3rd is actually using an oversize hook for this size of yarn. The last 3 are just play chain stitch. The first is a chain stitch with 6-7 chains are looped back on themselves every 12-15 stitches The second is a foundation row of just chains, the chaining back and joining back to the foundation every 5th stitch with a DC. I wore this today to test it out and was quite surprised how much warmth it actually added! (I needed it today too!) And it's so light you forget your even wearing it!
I think if I make this again I would choose a colour, and use slightly different tones or hues.
Also, most loops are around 54" long, with the first one pictured (above) is longer at about 60". Next time I would make them all at least 60" (152cm) long as a minimum.
If you make this I would love to know!

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