Sunday, November 6, 2011

Refashion: Jacket to Vest

So here starts my "Wardrobe Refashion Month"!

What I had & what I wanted:
I had this jacket sitting in my wardrobe for a couple of years. But never wore it because it was just a bit too tight across the back. I would get it out, try it on again, and put it back in the wardrobe. For a while I have wanted a vest that was a bit military, or a bit worn, but not 'pretty' for the in-between months.

How I did it:
First to come of was the sleeves. I just unpicked them. Next came the collar. Then work out where you want the new neckline to be (somewhere between two buttons, and make sure you miss the button hole on the other side). There is a facing on the front of the jacket up the the shoulder (this one is not lined). So un-pick enough button holes, buttons, and top stitching so that you can turn the facing to the outside. Stitch the new neck line, trim the facing, and turn the facing back to the inside. Fold as much as practical around the neck (around 1/2" if you can) and top stitch the new neck line and back of neck. Again turn as much as practical around the sleeve and top stictch along the edge. To get a nicer finish around the arms, trim the folded seam where needed, and do another row of topstitching. This will not look like a proper made garment, as there should be a facing around the arms too, but we are making do here, and shortcuts are the name of the game! If you really wanted to you could trace the outline of the arms holes and make a facing from a contrasting fabric.

Do I like it? Would I change anything?
I really do like this, and wouldn't change anything. I did this about a week ago, and I've already worn it twice!

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