Sunday, February 12, 2012

A New Dress For Me - Retro Style - Simplicity #7888

This is the pattern I used - I found it on ebay. It is a very easy pattern. There is the front (cut twice), the tie (cut twice), back bodice (cut once), back skirt (cut twice), a collar (cut twice), there is also a pocket you can add, and the usual facings around the front and neck.

I constructed mine a little different to the instructions, using more modern methods, but the outcome would look the same. And instead of putting a hook & eye for the inside of the wrap, I just added a small tie to the side seam. It took me two nights (after the kids were in bed!). And to be honest I only straight stitched the seams (no overlocking - because Troy got to my overlocker and de-threaded the whole thing and I couldn't be bothered fixing that on the weekend; and no zigzag - quick results are good!). The seam allowances on these older patterns is quite large (1.5cm), and I doubt this fabric would fray that much anyway.

The below photos are how it turned out, quite happy really! I'm pretty sure I will make this again. One variation I would make next is a rolled collar.

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