Friday, November 23, 2012

Wearable Art - Video Star

I entered the Wearable Art Showcase this year, held at Port Kembla. (Red Point Wearable Art Showcase)

My idea developed over a long time (just ask my husband - I'm sure he will tell you!). I started off weaving video tape to see what it looked like. Then I got a bit stuck on how to get the weaving off the cardboard I wove it around!

The hole dress is made from discarded video tape. And yes it sparkles!
The top of the dress is knitted video tape, the skirt is woven, and the train is crocheted (it's about 2m long!). There is no lining. There is just some elastic around the top & bottom edges of the knitting. The necklace is a band of crochet video tape, and the stretched tape tied onto it (when pulled the right way, the video tape curls in on itself, like a strip of jersey fabric, and becomes stiff enough to hold it's own weight).
Here are some detail photos:

I'm very happy to say that I won the Recycled section and the Peoples Choice awards!!

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