Tuesday, February 10, 2015


After lots of experimenting with crochet stitches, machine (free hand) stitching, and dissolvable interfacing, I have come up with this. (Also to be part of the "Co-Creations" exhibition coming up next week.) I think its a bit growth like, a bit like bacteria - hence the name "Stitch-o-coccus". I did some research on bacteria names and found the 3 most common types are: spherical (-cocuss), rod shaped (bacillus), and spiral (spirilla). These have been mounted and framed.
STITCH-O-COCCUS (cotton & sewing thread)

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  1. Lovely to talk just now. I absolutely LOVE "Stitch-O-Coccus" ... these are just fabulous and IMHO you should get them into a gallery. Beautiful, intriguing and no doubt tactile. The best fabric sculpture I have seen in a long time :)
    Cheers - Keith M, Blackheath