Thursday, November 26, 2009

My first art exhibition pieces!

ICAN has organised an art exhibition this weekend (28th & 29th November) for 10"x10" art works. I am a new member to ICAN (and somehow also the treasurer!) and was very excited about this. I have made two pieces for the exhibition. They are:

Cathedral Windows

This is a traditionally hand sewn cathedral windows mini-quilt. I have always loved this style of quilt due to my love of geometric repeating patterns, and really want to make one of these for Lilly. So this was the perfect opportunity to try it on a smaller scale. This is quite a time consuming quilt! There are 25 background squares and 40 windows.

Burning Trees

The background here was created using a resist method (wholemeal flour and water paste, left to dry, cracked, and painted over). The trees were then screenprinted over the top. When we first moved into our house there were some trees out the back that had been burnt the previous summer in a little bush fire. I walked past these trees all the time and loved them. (I have a series of 'burnt bush' photos.) They have now been overgrown with new green growth.

During the weekend I will try and get a few photos of the exhibition (Old Court House, Wollongong). I will be there on the Sunday out the front trying my luck with a stall!

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