Monday, November 23, 2009

Scrappy Twirly Skirt for Lilly

During the heat of yesterday, while Lilly was having her day sleep I literally sat at the overlocker. I had a large tub of scraps and off-cuts and just started randomly picking out fabrics. I kept adding on until I had a new 'fabric'. I intended on making this a full circle skirt, but it got a bit too hot in the studio, so it ended up a 3/4 circle skirt! Great thing about the overlocker is that you don't have to worry about cutting the edges nice and straight - just let the machine do it for you! So here is the result:
I'll see if I can get a photo of Lilly wearing it tomorrow!
Next time I am going to make one long strip about 4" or 5" wide and make a 3 layer tiered skirt - this will give it a better twirling action.
There orange casing around the top has a split, and the tie is lace on the ends, with about 12" of elastic in the centre - this allows for growth to get more wear from the skirt. I love the 'prettiness' that the lace gives to the skirt. And you can wear the bow at the back, at the front, or on the side!

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