Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lino Printing short course

I've just finished a 4 week course on lino printing. I have never done it before, and really enjoyed the classes! I did the class the WEA/Community College, and the teacher was Kate Blackburn. This was my very first lino & print:

Then yesterday I got some inspiration... Lilly had her cousin come visit for a few days, and she is absolutely in love with him! So when I suggested a photo with Lockyer she had no problems in complying. A little help through the computer, some tracing, lots of cutting....and about 7 hrs later... and hey presto!

I did a couple of other prints too - but they were mainly to learn print registration. I still have some work to do on them.
While cutting out the portrait lino, my husband asked me if I have a list of 'crafts' I want to learn, and if I am just going through them one by one ticking them off. I think he thinks I have too many hobbies! But once you try one thing, it leads to another, and then you have to test something else... doesn't anyone else find that?

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