Sunday, June 23, 2013

DIY Studded Bag

So here's my 'before' bag:

It's just a $25 bag from Trade Secret. Liked the colour. Kind of liked the little bit of stud work on the end, but I wanted more. So I added my own! Here's the 'after':

These studs were easy to add. They are the 'prong' type studs. On the back they have 4 prongs. You poke the prongs into the fabric and bend the prongs over. It's easy enough to do with just your fingers. (Although my fingers were a little sore the next morning after all of these!) And if your careful enough, you can bend the prongs in without catching the lining, so it looks like it was made like this! (The studs were under $10 I think, for a box of 100 - from ebay.)

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