Saturday, June 29, 2013

More Crocheted Pot Holders

I've been a bit flu-y, so while resting on the lounge I've crocheted a few more pot holders:



  1. This is just single crochet, but using 3 strands (blue, green, grey). Really liked how this looked (, so basically got the idea from her.
  2. Just crocheted some strips. Each strip was 2 rows of Trebles/Double (depending where you're from). Then crochet a scallop edge the join them all together.
  3. I thought this stitch was called 'jumping stripes', but now I can't find it!
  4. This stitch ( I really loved the subtle pattern. Just as easy, and probably just a little quicker that #1 above. Again used three strands and a larger hook.
  5. The crochet lattice stitch I found here:
Pot holders are a great way of testing a pattern. It doesn't take long to work up, you get to see enough of the pattern to know if you like it for a bigger project. And if your test piece it a bit too thin, you can always do a second (try another stitch of course) and stitch them together for a nice thick pot holder or pot stand.

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