Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Purple Tulle Bustle skirt/pad - Steampunk instructions / tutorial

So I'm really keen on making a steampunk outfit. I love the Victorian look, and have made a corset (more about that later). But for my first steampunk post, here is my purple tulle bustle skirt / bustle pad.
victorian, bustle pad, leftleg, cosplayvictorian, bustle pad, leftleg, cosplay

And a photo to show what it will look like under a corset:

victorian, bustle pad, leftleg, cosplay, tutorial, instructions, diy

I made this to go under another bustle skirt to give it some extra poof at the back. But also looks quite good by itself. Also looks pretty good for a small kids skirt too!

There are 5 layers of tulle. Each one about 36-40" long, either gathered or pleated down to onto a waist band about 14" long. I would recommend big pleats - easier to do than gathering (less steps) - and do rough gathers, don't bother measuring, just go by eye. Maybe pleat one layer one way, the next layer the oppposite way, and repeat. (If I do another I will do it that way.)
The layers are 14", 12", 10", 8" and 6" wide (bottom to top), with the bottom corners cut on a smooth curve.
To make up, add tape over bottom edge to all layers first (could use lace instead). I used some fabric strip I picked up somewhere very cheaply, it wasn't cut on the bias, so it didn't go around the curves perfectly. But we are after the effect here (and I wanted cheap too), so you would never know if I didn't tell you, unless you looked really closely!
Then gather / pleat the layers, one by one, onto a strip that is about 15" wide. I found it easier to pin the first 3 layers and stitch these down. Then pin the next two layers and stitch again.
Add this onto a tape/band for the waist. I have added it onto a long strip so I can tie it at the front. But you could make a waist band that is the right size for you and add to that. When stitching the band on sandwich the tulle between the waist band and the original 15" strip. This gives a neater finish (and less scratchy if it happens to be against your skin).

And here's a pdf summary of the instructions for you to make your own! INSTRUCTIONS HERE


  1. This is beautiful! Exactly what I'm looking for for my troupe. Thank you :)

  2. Thank you so much for posting! I've been looking for a simple easy tutorial and yours is the first I've been able to follow! I cannot wait to see how this turns out! :)