Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Steampunk cage skirt

Still on the Steampunk theme...
Felt like making a cage skirt - so here it is:

goth, black, boned skirt, victorian, cosplay, leftleg
goth, black, victorian, boned skirt, cosplay, leftleg

I've gone the 'grungy' look - leaving raw edges and long threads. I didn't have any bias tape on hand, but had a heap of straight cut tape, which I folded in half and sewed (zigzag) down the side (hence the raw edges). I inserted a double layer of boning (just the poly boning, sew-in type) - I was worried that just one layer would not be strong enough to hold the structure. Bottom 3 rows are all the same size, top row a bit smaller. I finished the top edges with a loop - here I have inserted a belt, but you could use elastic and stitch the loops in place.

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