Thursday, September 17, 2009

Black Denim & Red Necktie Reconstructed Skirt

This has been underconstruction Tuesday - the skirt and some of the ties were found during thrifty shopping on Tuesday (along with my lovely yellow shoes!). So here is a photo of the 'before':

I didn't like the buttons, but used the off'centre split for my necktie insert. This time I unpicked all the ties, removed the tie shaping/stiffener piece, and pressed the remaining fabric flat. This gave a much softer, flowing fabric. So I didn't end up using all the ties in the above photo - I only needed 3. Here's the after photos:

The waist is adjustable again - this time I use a snap tape. The skirt I started off with was a 10 with a waist measurement of 33" (84cm). It is now adjustable between 31" & 34" (79cm and 86cm). I wish I knew someone who was a size 10 so I could see what it looks like on!

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  1. That's WAY far better than the other neckties skirts I've seen around the blogosphere. Usually, what people do is they just sew together the neckties from side to side until it goes around and becomes a skirt. It looks pretty nonetheless, but it's one of those love-it-or-hate-it recycling projects. So bravo to you for coming up with that one!