Monday, September 7, 2009

Neck Tie Skirt - trial #1

I love old ties, and have been wondering how to use them for something wonderful...I think I found one of those wonderful thing! I've seen skirts made only from neckties, but I thought they were a bit 'too much' for me. So here is my version:

(I also love green...can you tell?)
There are just 5 ties used for the insert panel. I had some very dark charcoal fabric that had a bit of a stretch (both ways) for the main part of the skirt. The waist band was a bit fo the charcoal, and the end that was cut off from one of the longer ties. The waist has a 'fold' in it with different snap positions - this makes it somewhat adjustable - the idea being that the ties 'flash' from under the fold as you walk.
Here's what it looks like when it is closed; 'flashing'; and open:

I think this may have just moved straight into my 'inner circle' of clothes!

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