Thursday, September 3, 2009

Zip pouches - from upcycled / recycled / reclaimed anything!

My mum and I made some zip pouches for my market stall a little while ago. We both just grabed any fabric, ribbon, lace, etc that pleased us, threw them all together and see what came out the other end. I remember the little Holly Hobby girl on the right - that came from my quilt cover when I was growing up! And the frogs were the scraps of a nighty my mum made me when I was pregnant with Lilly (complete with easy access buttons down the from for breast feeding). You can also see some screen printed ants of my mums, some neckties, a bit of satin, and even some tea-towels!

Here are two photos of the fronts (left) and backs (right):

I don't think any two are made the same! We tried different methods & styles of construction, some a little easier than others, some give better results than others.

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